Advancing Sustainability

Today, our planet uses almost twice as many of the earth’s resources than it can regenerate. That is why Premier Materials is proud to be leading the world’s transition to a circular rubber economy.

Every day, we help protect our environment by transforming reclaimed rubber materials into the cleanest, most consistent, and highest-quality components for premium rubber surfaces.

Here are just a few of the sustainable methods we practice to minimize waste and support the health and safety of our employees and those who enjoy our eco-friendly products.

  • Manufacturing

    Premier Materials goes to great lengths to ensure that our business and facilities are operated in ways that use resources wisely and protect the quality of our environment. Our streamlined manufacturing processes produce virtually no waste, with scrap material being collected and recycled back into our systems.

  • Energy

    We are proud to have developed state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing processes that are specifically designed to maintain high product quality and reduce energy usage. These proprietary methods allow us to use 40% less energy than standard industry procedures.

  • Air Quality

    By using only the highest quality raw materials and developing strict production processes, we can ensure no harmful emissions are given off to employees or the environment. In addition, many of the products that are manufactured with our components have earned FloorScore® certification.

  • Recycling

    When our products are ready for delivery, they’re packaged on wooden pallets. We also use recycled newspaper and cardboard during shipment. Our facilities’ onsite recycling bins ensure that waste materials from incoming deliveries are diverted from area landfills, and our employees actively recycle paper, plastic, and cans at their offices.

Reducing Our Impact

The manufacturing of eco-friendly Premier Materials products keeps over 300 million pounds of used commercial tires out of landfills and incinerators every year.

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